This fresh, creative approach changed the game for our casino. We needed a boost, and Red Circle delivered. Four Winds became the premium brand we always imagined it could be.

Kevin Grady — Marketing VP at Four Winds Casino

Case Study: Creative

The Challenge

A newly remodeled premium casino in the Chicago market is experiencing steep declines in key brand health measures, including loyalty and future consideration. What can be done to turn around this shift? Differentiation is key, but differentiation is not easy in a crowded marketplace, especially one in which many upscale casino properties exist. How can this casino show its new offerings in a way in which the target audience sits up and takes notice?

Our Approach

Red Circle knew it wasn’t enough to show the new casino, the new hotel and the new restaurant. The objective was not to provide information — but to stir emotion. To that end, Red Circle gave the casino guest a view into an unforgettable escape by infusing the new amenities with sensual personality.

The Results

The new advertising was both memorable and persuasive. A year later, key brand health measures indicated a complete turn-around: Casino loyalty was up 33%, and future consideration soared 77%.