Casino Marketing & Technology Conference 2016

You’re Invited!

Connect with your guests like never before. Profit more. Spend less. That’s what we’d love to talk with you about at the upcoming Casino Marketing & Technology Conference July 12-14 at Paris, Las Vegas.

We’d love to show you a new, one-of-a-kind targeting software system that allows you to act and react from a single tool, more quickly and more efficiently than ever: the new RECON Database Marketing Suite. Other clients have seen double-digit growth, and you can, too.

Interested in meeting with us? Please contact us and we’ll set aside time to take you through the benefits of taking control of your data like never before. And spending less while you do so.

P.S. If you’d rather spontaneously drop by, we’ll be at booth #316. Looking forward to seeing you!

About the Recon Suite

The RECON Suite organizes all player data — whether for mobile, email or direct mail — so you can build the campaign, deploy, and report on that campaign from a single interface.

This allows you to collapse cost, labor and time, while increasing sophistication and, therefore, revenue. Nothing else in the gaming world allows you to pull all of your marketing programs in one place. Yet RECON is surprisingly cost effective.

The level of sophistication RECON provides was, until now, unreachable — because it simply took too much time and money. But this is a new world, a world in which you can run as many tests as your imagination or your curiosity allows. A world of speaking to a guest in real time.

All this means more profits for you. And you’ll know that, because you’ll be able to measure everything.

About Red Circle

Red Circle is a full-service advertising agency with 15 years of experience in the hospitality and gaming industries. We offer our clients a full circle experience, from data-driven insights to breakthrough executions.

RECON came about because we recognized all too well the problems that arise when data is unreliable or hard to get. Nothing on the market provided this data the way we wanted, so we created a suite of easy-to-use players club management tools. Now, any casino executive can make use of the data they already have.