How to Combat Negative Comments on Social Media

As a casino guest, whether you put $5 in a slot machine, bet $200 on the blackjack table, or spend an hour at the buffet, you never know if tonight’s the night luck will be on your side. Maybe you’ll win a cruise to a tropical island. Maybe you’ll hit the ten thousand-dollar jackpot and go on your dream vacation. At the very least, maybe tonight the crab legs at the buffet will be excellent (let’s be real – they always are).  

Working at a casino and being responsible for guests’ experiences, however, is a totally different story. It’s your job to keep guests happy, entertained, and excited about the possibility of winning big. Whether they break even or go home with empty pockets, you want your guests to leave happy and excited to try their luck next time.
But what happens when a guest has a bad experience and lets you know about it by posting on social media? When a guest leaves a low rating on TripAdvisor, a negative Facebook comment, or a bad review on Yelp, we’re here to help you figure out how to handle the situation in a way that’s both positive and productive.

  1. Always respond to negative comments.
    Responding to complaints and criticisms is a great opportunity for you to connect with your guests and start a conversation about their experience. Being responsive to your social media community shows people who are watching that you take pride in your staff and facilities. Some social media platforms show your average response time, so make it a goal to respond to all comments within 1-2 days, and prioritize comments by items that require an immediate response.

  2. Don’t delete negative comments.
    Have you ever seen a social media account that only has glowing, five-star reviews? It probably seemed a bit fishy. If most of your page is filled with positive reviews, a negative comment here and there won’t hurt your business. While it might be tempting to remove comments from the page, deleting a comment instead of addressing the issue can make guests feel like you aren’t listening to their concerns. Take these comments as a chance to learn and improve – there is always something you can do to help guests have an even better time during their next visit!

  3. Encourage guests to leave honest feedback.
    One way to positively influence your social media presence is by encouraging guests to leave honest feedback. Showing that you care about their experience and are open to suggestions shines a positive light on your business and will make it more likely for your guests to leave positive reviews.

Knowing that it’s important to respond to comments on social media is the easy part. The more difficult part is figuring out exactly what to say.

If a guest is upset, the first thing to do is take the conversation offline. Respond to the comment by asking the guest to send a private message or share their concerns with a specific e-mail address. Doing this shows that you’re taking the issue seriously, and that you can be trusted to follow through on a solution.

Address how you plan to resolve the issue, whether it’s sharing feedback with a manager or the dining or hotel staff, keeping in mind the individual needs of the guest and the right level of compensation they should get back.

Social media is about forming connections, and no connection is more valuable to your casino than the one you have with your players. With so many other gaming and entertainment options out there, it’s important to foster guest loyalty by regularly interacting with your social media community. People who leave negative comments are often your most loyal guests and want to be able to return knowing that they were heard and their concerns were taken seriously. Stand out from the competition by quickly and thoughtfully acknowledging guest issues and doing your best to make it right!

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