Grandma has Facebook?

We’ve all felt it: the wave of panic when an unexpected name pops up in your Friend Requests. Really, they have Facebook? What do you do? Limited profile? Pretend you haven’t checked Facebook in weeks (yeah, right)? Social media audiences have changed drastically over the past few years, and it is finally official — social media isn’t just for Millennials anymore. Which begs the question: Who is using social media, and what does this mean for casino marketers?

“Hon, how do I check my messages on this thing?”

As a marketer, if you’re asking yourself if your target audience is using social media, the easy answer is “Yes.” According to YouGov, as of August 2016, 83% of all online adults, ages 18 – 65+, are using Facebook. Which means for us marketers, whether we like it or not, our audiences are using social media.

As you’d expect, a higher percentage of younger audiences are active on Facebook (i.e. 88% of Internet users ages 18 – 34); however, the older audiences are quickly adapting to the new way of connecting, with 79% of Internet users ages 65+ using Facebook. That’s right, Grandma is on Facebook, and might use it even more than you do.


In 140 characters or less, it means that targeting your key audiences effectively on social media is not only recommended, it’s essential.

Knowing your target audience and which of the (ever growing) social platforms they frequent will help decide where your efforts will be most successful. If you’re short on resources to implement a social strategy, try focusing on creating relevant content specifically for the platforms your target audience is on. For example, if you’re trying to reach a younger audience, consider using Instagram to connect your brand with artistic or edgy photography. Or, use a Facebook photo album to encourage engagement from an older demographic. If your audience finds useful content on your social media pages, this will motivate them to visit, share, and engage with your brand — which is the ULTIMATE social media marketing goal!

Once your audience starts following and engaging with your brand on social media, the benefits are endless. From brand reputation management, to better customer service, to growing potential customers — investing company time (and money) into social media efforts can open up a whole new digital world for your brand and your audience. Click ‘Like’ if you agree!

Here are some resources to help pin-point exactly where you need to be (social media-wise at least):

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