How to Hire a Casino Database Expert

Don’t get me wrong — we database experts require many specialized skills. But something you might not think about? The importance of a communicative, collaborative personality. Sure, you need somebody who crunches numbers like there's no tomorrow. But you also need that same person to help translate those numbers into valuable insights you can sell to upper management.

No one knows your database, customers, behavioral patterns and business trends better than your database team. They spend hours with the data and see results at the granular level. Yet in most marketing departments, the database person is in the back corner, spending more lunch hours with the accounting team talking about the numbers than the marketing team talking about insights.

Not only do you need a database strategist who can analyze data and provide detailed reports, that person also needs to be able to share that information in a way that gets heard.

Oh, the irony.

A database team that communicates in huge spreadsheets is forgetting the very principals of marketing: focus on key takeaways, know your audience and adjust your message accordingly. Nobody outside the database team has the time or desire to pour through pages of spreadsheets in hopes of extracting the golden nuggets of information. And that’s why it’s so important for database experts to design reports with the end user in mind. Consider this just as important as executing the report in the first place.

To harness the most powerful asset of any casino, we need database teams to place a focus on communication. The goal is to create easily digestible reports that allow adjustments to strategy, adjustments that move the business goals forward — and rarely are spreadsheets the answer.

Check out a database job description, and you’ll find a long list of required technical skills. That job description, however, is probably light on communication expertise. Think about this, though: If your database team has smart business insights but doesn’t have the communication skills to effectively share those insights or develop that buy in, do those insights really exist?