Organizing Your Casino Promotion Just Got Easier With Our Calendar Template [FREE Template]

Any marketer who is responsible for planning casino promotions knows it’s not a simple task. All successful promotions follow 3 sequential steps: effective planning, precise execution and accurate post-reporting.

At Red Circle, we understand what is takes for this to happen because we’ve been in your shoes. Which is why we’ve created a casino promotional planning calendar template to help you effectively plan promotions. The template features a color-coded key to categorize promotions by type and major holidays through December 2018.


  • Keep all your promotions organized in an easy-to-update template. Our template is ready to use today with no formatting needed!
  • Get your newsletter in your players’ mailboxes on time. Mail should never drop late because promotional details are still being finalized and/or you’re waiting on information from other departments.
  • Prevent accidental layering of promotions or offers. Did you deploy an offer email on the same day newsletter offers are available? Did this cause your players to spend less because they were able to layer offers?
  • Get faster approval from management. Using a color-coded planning calendar makes it easy for management to visualize your holistic planning.
  • Effectively communicate upcoming promotions within your property. Every single casino employee is a guest service ambassador of the company. Empower your staff with promotional knowledge to answer guest questions at any given moment.
  • Establish helpful resources for future planning. It never fails. The next marketing cycle is right around the corner and promotions are still being planned. "What did we do last year?" Or "what was that promotion we did a while back that was successful?" Be able to answer all these questions instantly by creating an archive of promotional calendars.

Download our free casino promotion calendar template today to make your life a little easier!


  1. Reference the example promotional calendar to see how you can effectively visualize your promotional mix.
  2. Customize the color-coded key by labeling promotion types to best suit your property’s needs.
  3. Download and begin!