Saying “Happy Birthday” Goes a Long Way

It pays to have a promotional strategy for their special day.

When it comes to birthdays, it’s the thought that counts. So, you should think about sending your casino guests personalized promotional messages! Not only does it show that you care, it’s also a solid way to boost your business.

Casinos are a natural fit for a birthday celebration. It’s a destination for fun — there are games, dinner, and dancing. People are looking for a place to have a good time, so it’s up to you to make it worth their while to visit. A strategic promotion that’s tailored to their interests will have them heading your way.

A simple tactic with superb results.

When you acknowledge your guests’ birthdays, you’re letting them know that they’re special to you. Cultivate that personal relationship, and you’ll demonstrate that you see them as individuals, not just transactions.

Plus, the popularity of birthday promotions is supported by consumer statistics.

In general, our clients’ birthday emails perform better than typical offer emails. They garner more clicks and engagement, too.

Experian, a leader in data analytical tools, studied more than 50 birthday promotional email campaigns, concluding that they had significantly higher open rates (235%) and click rates (300%) than regular promotional mailings.

Not only that, but birthday emails also achieve far higher transaction rates (481%) and revenue (342%).

Clearly, it pays to employ a strategic birthday campaign.

Make it personal.

An easy way to have your birthday offer stand out is to customize it. You probably know which games they play, which restaurants they enjoy, and which concerts they prefer. (If not, have you met our friend, RECON?)

Leverage that information to craft a birthday promo offer with a personal touch, whether it’s free slot play, a special dessert, a BOGO meal, or a discounted hotel room. Studies show that offers like dollars off and percent discounts receive a particularly significant response.

Interestingly, Experian found that people love a good surprise: emails with mystery offers had the highest revenue per email compared to regular promotional mailings — a whopping 502% change.

Experian also learned that personalization matters. Emails with subject lines that include a guest’s first name have 17% higher open rates than emails that don’t.

Send the right offer, and guests will appreciate that you remembered.

We love to go out for our birthday.

People usually want to go out to celebrate, and usually with a group of friends. That means that birthday promotions are an essential piece of your marketing cake.

Paytronix, a provider for restaurant and retail loyalty systems, reports a sharp uptick in response rate to birthday offers. While a 10% redemption rate on a typical promotion would be a great success, their merchants see rates of 20% and 50% on birthday offers. They also found birthday programs drive incremental spending and visits. One restaurant saw average spending increase by 82%!

That uptick is thanks to three factors: relevance, timeliness, and value. People usually have an eye peeled on their smartphone — ooh, another Facebook post! — so strike while their candles are lit.

Your guests will see it as a nice gesture, but it’s also an effective way to bolster your brand loyalty, increase engagement, and boost sales.

Now that’s something to sing about.