The Secret Sauce of Digital Marketing

It’s no secret that the times are changing, and it should come as no surprise that Baby Boomers are bellying up to the world of social media and tech-savvy existence. The gap between generations is closing in this sense, and that’s important for casino marketers to be aware of, as the Boomer demographic is their bread and butter. So the real challenge is this: staying hungry and implementing new, innovative ways to effectively reach that target market. Understanding their tendencies and what they respond to is step one.

At Red Circle, we know that staying guest-centric is key; that delivering the right message to the right player at the right time is the secret recipe for the success of your business — and your ROI. Angel Suarez, Red Circle’s Executive VP, recognizes today’s dynamic target market. Quoted in the latest issue of Casino Journal, Suarez says:

“’What we’re seeing is that the older demographics are using smartphones several times a day and that half of the traffic to casino websites is from those mobile phones… The idea that the older demographic is not digital or mobile is outdated. We can’t continue to think this way. In addition, as we look to fill the funnel with Millennials… we have no option but to think digitally.’”

Red Circle also knows what works — and what doesn’t. Why would you invest any unnecessary time or money where the players won’t respond? Also taken from the article “Embracing digital platforms in gaming” in Casino Journal, Suarez describes the importance of honing your target in the right way:

“Ask Suarez of Red Circle what he thinks about e-mail blasts, and he’ll tell you, ‘… it is kind of a dirty word. We believe there is a tremendous amount of potential for casinos to do what has been successfully done for decades now in the direct marketing space through direct mail and applying it to e-mail, but we’re often failing to do so. Our proprietary database marketing software, Recon, gives marketers the sophistication so that you’re not blasting out the same message to your entire database. Now we’re segmenting targeted offers based on ADT to players and driving them to the property through a medium that has been underutilized to date.’”

RECON, Red Circle’s proprietary database marketing software, was built with goals like this in mind, and casinos that use the software recognize the value of not “blasting” their guests with the same, impersonal email offer. Red Circle is ahead of the game, and people are noticing.

Julia Carcamo, gaming and entertainment marketing aficionado and author of the aforementioned article, “Embracing digital platforms in gaming,” describes the ever-changing world of advertising in the gaming and entertainment industry, highlighting the importance of digital platforms. She parallels Suarez’s take on targeting the dynamic — and most valuable — players:

“Delivering the right message to where our customers are and when they are in the mindset to really pay attention to what we’re saying has always been the marketer’s goal. It used to be that this meant we would advertise on the 10:00 p.m. news. Now, it means we communicate (not advertise, per se) where our customers want to get information. Those channels have to be fluid, adjusting by customer and device beyond the television.’”

Carcamo’s full article, the cover story in the July 2016 edition of Casino Journal, features insight from Red Circle’s Angel Suarez and other gaming and entertainment marketing experts. Read it here.