Red Circle has
gone green.

Find a depth and breadth of cannabis expertise few other agencies can match.

Highly regulated. Competitive. Spans all ages. Targets an audience looking for escape. Sounds like the cannabis industry, right? Nope. It’s the casino business. And we’ve been providing unmatched loyalty, creating unique branding, and defining razor-sharp audiences for 23 years. Which is why we were able to pivot so quickly to successful cannabis campaigns.

Cannabis marketing is a science.

Marketing isn’t picking a logo and a color system and listing your products. Sophisticated operators know identifying an audience, targeting through media, and creating a robust loyalty program is the key to success. And that’s exactly where Red Circle comes in.

A word about loyalty.

It’s one thing to have a client buy one of your cannabis products. It’s quite another to make sure that client comes back again. And again. When you create a unique, enticing loyalty program, tiered to increase rewards to your most loyal, you create clients who think of your brand as the brand. We’ve been creating loyalty programs for more than two decades and have been able to help our clients increase loyalty by as much as 200%.

Not just any brand. Your brand.

There are qualities that make your cannabis brand unique. There are qualities that make your target audience sit up and take notice. The intersection of your unique offering and your customer’s desires makes for one unstoppable brand. Red Circle has a one-of-a-kind, successful approach for uncovering your brand’s sweet spot. With industry accolades and — more importantly — successful clients to prove it.

Speak with exactly who you want to speak with.

When it comes to cannabis marketing, talking to everybody leads to easily forgotten, generic messages. When you know your audiences well, you can lean in with marketing precision, attracting customers who directly see themselves in your brand (and doing less than this throws hard-earned marketing dollars down the drain). We know how to successfully identify, segment, and attract your clients, and have done so for hundreds of casinos.

Here's where we put our branding where our mouth is.

Sure, the cannabis industry is new. But cannabis brands have already discovered what makes Red Circle different — a depth of experience and know-how in a surprisingly similar industry. Here are a few examples of our work for cannabis clients:

Seven Leaf

Welcome to Seven Leaf, the first 100% Indigenous-owned and -operated cannabis producer, licensed by Health Canada on First Nation territory.

Seven Leaf Web Redesign

Working to elevate the user experience, as well as align with the refreshed visual brand, Red Circle redesigned the Seven Leaf brand from the ground up.

Higher Love Cannabis Co.

How do you bring a specific audience of cannabis users to Michigan’s home-grown, organic offerings? Red Circle chose out-of-home and Instagram as the primary mediums.

Higher Love Pre-Roll Packaging

Attractive. Informative. Strategic. Red Circle created packaging that reflected the brand’s quality, hand-touched roots.

Product & Lifestyle Assets

Your product is always in its best light with a branded library of marketing assets. Red Circle’s seasoned in-house photography and video production team makes that happen.