How Red Circle Will Help You Waste Less - Interview with Chad Germann
posted July 15, 2022

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There are few things that bother me more than wasting my time. Wasting money would be one of them. I’m guessing we all feel that to some degree or another. Some of us, it’s our job to manage spending, and we are actively hunting for ways to waste less.

What if I told you, my company, Red Circle, could help you waste less. A lot less. And not just say it, but we could prove it. In dollars. Dollars that we show you, dollars that you really, actually save.

Hi, my name is Chad Germann, and my company, Red Circle, has been the premiere casino marketing agency for 20 years, and in that time we’ve figured out how to research, plan, organize and report on media buying in a way that no other agency can. And we’ve figured out how to save you a ton of what would otherwise be wasted media spend. How?

20 years ago, Red Circle was founded by a silly, Native American casino advertising director (I’m talking about me) who was tired of working with agencies that just wanted to spend up my casino media budget, make some fun ads, and pocket a bunch of dough without ever having to prove anything they did helped me. I was my Tribe’s big casino’s advertising director for four years. In that time, Corporate hired three different agencies. Seemed like a lot of money going out the door to these different agencies, and nothing much to give me any confidence it was helping.

So I created a specialty agency that only works with casinos, filled with former casino marketing people – so we know what we are doing – mixed with a bunch of the best big city Minneapolis creatives and media pros. We have industry insider know-how, AND a very deep experience set (having done this and this alone for more than 125 casinos over the past 20 years). But the thing that makes us special, the thing we have that no other agency has, the thing that allows us to plan, execute and report on media spending with a level of efficiency never seen before – that thing is called RECON.

RECON is a proprietary casino database marketing software system that plugs in the back of your casino’s players club system (and currently 25+ casinos use it to power their marketing data analytics) and allows us to know who your players are, where they live, what they spend, how often they come in. And with that information we can plan, execute and report on our advertising media work with a clarity never seen before.

We can target zip codes with players of a certain spend level, purchase/deploy media into those zips, and then watch the slot play from that zip change. Specialized messaging to specific targets who live in known areas – and then we count the revenue bump.

We have the most amazing case studies to show you how it works. Come see how it works.

Wait, I’ll do you one better. We will give the first five casinos who email me a free media audit, and then we will tell you how much we can save you. It’s probably 20-30% of your total media budget. Yeah, it’s that much. So if your CFO has asked you to find another 5% of your budget to cut – here’s your answer.