Introducing REEL Casino Content
posted July 8, 2020
by Bob Pearl, Director of Photography / Producer

You want great images and footage that showcases your property without breaking the bank. We have the expertise and experience you want (and need) to do just that. Meet REEL Casino Content — Red Circle Agency’s newest service. We wanted to expand our efforts in marketing Native casinos as a whole — from navigating and leveraging data to creating breakthrough creative and everything in between — and now we can help you show your casino in its best light with superior production services.

Red Circle knows the ins and outs of Native casino gaming. We understand your goals and challenges, so you can rest assured that we know how to capture your property and show it off in the way you’ve always dreamed. REEL Casino Content delivers a staff of award-winning photographers, art directors, and filmmakers, the ability to prepare your staff and property for a seamless production, and access to photo and video editors for cost-effective quality control from a 100% Native-owned business with YOUR best interest in mind. And we’re able to offer it at a great value, because we’ve been doing this a while — no time wasted. We’ve done the meticulous planning and cut the fluff so we can focus on the task at hand.

From stunning panoramas of your property to shots of food and drink that’ll excite your guests’ appetites, we’ve learned through experience how to frame clients’ properties through the lens of honest emotion — because that’s what truly sells.

We showcase all your amenities — the gaming floor, food and beverages, hotel, and more — through quality photo and video, so you’ll get shots of guests having an authentically great time. Real people reveling in a win, indulging in a juicy steak or lobster tail, sipping cocktails, sinking into a plush hotel room, dancing to live entertainment, or teeing off at the golf course — we’ll capture it. Authentically. Genuinely. Candidly. Not staged or posed. Because while staged is okay (at most!), staged doesn’t communicate authenticity. You’ll foster a deeper, emotional connection with guests, and that’s what you want. Guests want unscripted and real. That’s why you need REEL.

You’ll get a catalog of stunning stills and sizzling video to use for print, television, your website, and so much more. The options are endless.

With over two decades of experience amongst our production team, shooting exclusively for casinos, hundreds of thousands of images, and, quite literally, months of footage of Native casinos under our belts, we know what it takes to showcase your property the way it’s meant to be seen.

Let’s chat. Email Chad Germann or give him a call at 612-670-1606.

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Director of Photography / Producer

Bob Pearl is Director of Photography with Red Circle Minneapolis. Over his 35-year career, Bob has honed an uncanny ability to create emotion-rich images of people, places, and things.