Buffalo Run Casino
Emergency creative campaign, unbelievable savings.

We were given the business in a hurry. Tribal council leadership changed, and the next day, the management company who had been supervising casino operations was fired. Red Circle was called in to 1) Build a new creative campaign in a hurry — we had less than a week to deliver new television ads — and 2) Plan and buy all of the casino’s media placements.

Fine Dining at Buffalo Run Casino
Work smarter, and harder.

With no creative assets, just some clever copy, smart editing, and found-online stock video content, we created a television campaign over our first weekend on the job.

Buffalo Run Casino Billboard
Same media, one-tenth the price.

This case study stands as the harshest lesson about why your casino needs professional media buying services. We were able to negotiate and purchase the same number and quality (reach and frequency) of TV and radio spots as the management company, but with one significant difference: What they purchased for $100,000 per month, we were able to purchase for $10,000.

Buffalo Run Casino Campaign