Four Winds Casino
Nothing works harder than a strong brand.

The casino conducts regular studies on its business and its customers. For some reason unknown to management, they had misstepped with their brand messaging, and they needed a reboot. They called Red Circle, and a successful reboot is what we delivered.

Amenities. Amenities. Amenities.

Focusing on their superior service offerings (have you ever been to their buffet?), Red Circle created a guest-focused campaign where we flipped the meaning, but not the spelling, of the word "Four" in the casino's name, Four Winds, from that of a number to a focus on service. As in, we are here FOR you, we would do anything FOR you. But we keep the spelling of FOUR. Kinda clever, really fun, and right on the mark.

The value of a strong brand.

The customer consideration and brand recognition numbers bounced back up — 33% and 37% — after the launch of the new campaign.

Four Winds Casino Campaign
Standing ovations are nice.

The best part for us, the agency, was when we sent the client the first cuts of the television spots. We sent the spots over for review, and then called them up on speakerphone to discuss their thoughts. When we came on the line, the clients in their offices were clapping and cheering and hooting and hollering. “Standing ovation,” is what they said to us when the clapping stopped. We love it when that happens.

Four Winds Casino — Billboard