Grand Casino
One of our first campaigns is still one of our best.

Our Grand Casino Stories campaign, which originally rolled out in 2004, continues to be viewed in the industry as one of the most effective ever produced. After being recognized as Raving’s Ad Campaign of the Year in 2005, it has gone on to receive a dozen additional awards. In fact, Steve Browne of Raving Consulting, in his casino marketing lectures, continues to reference the campaign as his baseline for “how you should make casino advertising.”

Grand Casino ad with woman holding accordion.
Why does it work?

Simply put, the Grand Casino Stories campaign is effective because it strikes a chord with real Minnesotans. Early research indicated that guests truly appreciated the experience Grand Casino offered. We tapped into that sentiment by letting real guests tell their own stories. We made ads that were quirky, fun, honest, and above all, REAL. All these years later, the formula still works.

15 years. Still the best in market.

The Grand Casino Stories campaign is tested on a regular basis, and EVERY time, focus groups have confirmed how well it continues to work. 15 years running and it’s still the strongest campaign in the market. How many casino campaigns can claim that?

Grand Casino brand posters.
More effective, with half the media spend.

Despite the fact that Grand Casino’s competitors consistently spend double what we spend on media, the Grand Casino Stories campaign continues to outperform campaigns from every competitor in all key measurements: recall, intention, and engagement. Every year. For more than 15 years running.

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Consistency and a great client partnership.

Part of what keeps the Grand Casino Stories campaign in the number-one spot in its market is the momentum gained when the client is as committed to an idea as the agency. Of course, we’ve evolved the campaign over the years, but through it all, we’ve been privileged to have a client who trusts us and truly views us as a partner.

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