Kentucky Downs
Explosive growth at a rebranded horse track.

The horse racing track had been there for a long time. Everyone knew of it. As a horse racing track. Nobody knew what it would become. And that was the challenge: How do you tell the Nashville market that the horse racing track they’ve always known is going to become a full-on casino with slot machines?

RECON to the rescue.

To relaunch Kentucky Downs Gaming as efficiently as possible (the racetrack did not start with deep pockets), we needed to first identify, analyze, segment, and valuate players within the Nashville demographic, and continue to do this as a part of efficient ongoing management of their marketing spend. We did this through Red Circle’s proprietary database software, RECON.

Kentucky Downs Brand Photography
Data drives strategy.

The unique casino player data and market resources provided by RECON make it possible for Red Circle strategy staff to quickly and confidently identify our best opportunity markets and plan media and marketing accordingly. A compelling, integrated brand speaking directly to the most valuable players paid off so well that this casino was able to fund an expansion project. Which, obviously, increased profit even more.

Kentucky Downs Photo Op Installation
Breath-taking results.

The answer to the creative brand campaign was simple. We needed to make everyone in the market aware of the change — that Kentucky Downs wasn’t just a horse racing track anymore, but rather a casino full of slot machines. We needed to punch the audience in the nose with this information: We have slot machines, slot machines, slot machines. Every piece of Kentucky Downs communications had to scream, “Hey, this horse track is now full of slot machines!”

The result: The property virtually exploded with earnings, growing each month for years on end.

Kentucky Downs sign design.