Meskwaki Casino
Find the unique advantage that makes a casino brand special.

This is a textbook example of an old-school brochure casino brand getting an upgrade to something unique and specifically built for Meskwaki. No more slow pans of the slot floor, then the blackjack tables, then the buffet, all set to bad stock music. Instead of the boring, same-ol’ casino campaign, our Red Circle team worked with the new casino leadership to uncover THE ONE THING that makes Meskwaki unique in its market.

Finding the advantage.

The non-Native casinos that surround Meskwaki are required by their compacts to hold a rather high number. Meskwaki, a tribal casino, does not have to hold that high. And they don’t. They hold significantly less. So much so that it’s a noticeable difference. Casino players can feel it when they play at Meskwaki. Time on device is much longer.

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Keeping the brand focused.

This, then, became Meskwaki Casino’s One Thing. We built our brand around it. In some creative executions, we reference the obvious “time on device” advantage, but most of the work focuses on the feeling players have when they are here. It just feels like I’m getting more, that I’m having more fun, that I’M WINNING MORE OFTEN when I’m here.

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